Parent Information

Parent Information

We value positive relationships with parents and carers to help develop better social and emotional skills in children. We know that when children are engaged with their learning, they attend school more regularly, leading to better long term outcomes.

For parenting and counselling services, visit the Family Support page, and for direction and clarity on regulations, processes and procedures at our school, read the Sydney Catholic School policies.

At All Saints Catholic College we value positive relationships with parents and carers, because when we work together, our students have better social and emotional skills, are more engaged in their learning and attend school more often, leading to better long term outcomes.

Communicating with All Saints

We believe that communication is crucial and we update parents about learning, procedures and protocols often.

We communicate through the Compass app, which is a place for parents to receive regular updates, snapshots of learning, grade specific information, parent information sessions, school reports, newsletters and notes. There is also a range of online support and advice available through the Parent Portal. Parents are welcome to visit office staff if they require assistance to upload the Compass app on their device.

Supporting the Students

We are incredibly fortunate to have a community that is always willing to lend support in a number of activities that could not run without the generosity of volunteers. We also have a Parent Consultative Committee (PCC) to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community for the benefit of students’ development and learning. The PCC discuss school-related matters, plans for future social activities and fundraising, and provide a parent voice to the leadership team.

Details regarding counselling services available at All Saints Catholic College can be found on the Student Wellbeing page. Our college is proud to be a school that is lead under the jurisdiction of Sydney Catholic Schools, the Catholic Systemic System of Schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. For direction and clarity on regulations, processes and procedures at our school, please visit Sydney Catholic School policies.

Term 1
28 January – 09 April
Term 2
27 April – 03 July
Term 3
20 July – 25 September
Term 4
12 October – 18 December
Term 1
27 January – 1 April
Term 2
19 April – 25 June
Term 3
12 July – 17 September
Term 4
5 October – 17 December
Note: Please check staff development days with your school as dates will vary.
All Saints Catholic College Parent Information - parent holding a school information booklet
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